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Kotori Monou
10 May 2008 @ 12:27 pm
What is the Final Day? Why is everybody talking about the End of the World? Did I miss something important in the newspaper? I'd think I'd notice something like that.
Kotori Monou
06 May 2008 @ 08:10 pm
Hmppph. Lots of things happened while I was gone in the forest searching for indigo plants. I heard...things. Kamui is going to be a f-father. I-I can't believe it. I guess our promise is broken...BUT If Kamui is happy, then I'm happy! [positive thinking]

He seemed so sad when he arrived on the island, perhaps the child will cheer him up somehow? In a sense, I can't wait to see the little thing. And I still have to congratulate the...[sigh] couple.

Subaru's sister appeared too. She's so pretty.  Sakurazuka-san and her seem to get along very well. She even calls him "brother-in-law".  Sumeragi-san surely knows how to hide things.

[does complicated manipulation with the indigo plants]

Uh? Where are the snails? Perhaps...Johnny played with them?
Kotori Monou
13 April 2008 @ 11:29 am
It's been 2 days since I arrived on that island. I was scared at first, I was alone after all but soon enough I met with Kamui-chan. He seemed uneasy and surprised when I talked to him. I guess it took him a moment to remember who I was.

Other people are stuck on the island too. I met with Satsuki-san, a young girl owning a supercomputer that kills humans. Or so she said. I'm still convinced she's an alien. I also talked with Sumeragi-san. He's really nice to me. He's a bit less nice when the man wearing red underwears (I think it's the only thing I know about him) is around though. And...there's this woman...with...the...huge...forehead.

I found sea snails on the island coast. Two of them. I wonder if I can bring them into the house...
Current Location: In my room
Kotori Monou
12 April 2008 @ 07:52 pm
Player: tsuki_no_mahou

Kotori Monou.

Age: Around 15

Finding the perfect indigo colour. No traces of violet/purple should be found in genuine indigo. That's a hard job so I'll put all my will into it. Please, believe in me. Other than that, I'm your average student.

Point in the X storyline you are from: ...I'm still alive, so is all my family (except for my mother though the circumstances of her death are unknown to me) There's a new student in my school, I think I've seen him before...

Your room in the mansion (describe it):
Pretty simple. In the corner of the room lays the single bed that I make every morning. I like things clean. My room is in the highest part of the mansion, therefore I can see the whole island from my window. My room is low on furniture because all the space is occupied by a giant aquarium where I breed my lovely Phoenician sea snails. Also, I have to put my Indigo plants somewhere....

[OOC:] I'm ready to play whenever the first post will be posted. I'm busy with school since the end of the semester is coming but I'll come and say hi once in a while. Okay, more than once in a while.